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About AUI

The University uphold the noble tradition of Catholic Higher Education of achieving intellectual, cultural and moral excellence by preparing students for leadership and enterprise. The University was licensed for take-off on 5th March, 2015 and inaugurated on 23rd October, 2015. Academic activities began with the resumption of 100-level students into approved programmes on 30th November 2015. The maiden matriculation took place on 1st April, 2016.

Degree Options

Allowing you make choices on the path you wish to thread to success. Do you intend to obtain a 1st Degree?


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We are shaping our world with innovations and research. with our elite crop of Academics breaking new grounds


AUI Library boasts of large collection of books spanning 5,723 titles in over 15,000 volumes of processed materials; with about 10,000 volumes undergoing processing. A robust E-Library with access to well over 30 data bases locally and internationally. Our Novel is awe inspiring with 10,000 novels. Access to lectures, webinars and other activities are a pride in AUI library.

Community & Lifestyle

AUI boasts of a vibrant community life. A serene environment which makes learning and research worth while. Our campus exhibits such grandeur with breathtaking landscaping coupled with the lushness of the vegetation. The experience is one to look forward to.

News & Events

Keeping you abreast of happenings in and around AUI both past and present. You can also be in the know of what to look forward to.

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